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Fancy Plywood

Fancy plywood is constructed from a base of plywood, fiberboard, or particleboard and is embellished with priceless tree species, cut veneer, and imported coloured matt paper. It is also known as decorative plywood, fancy board, or composite decorative board.

Fancy plywood is a cost-effective choice for decorative use because it combines the technical benefits of plywood with the visual appeal of fine wood. It is perfect for indoor wall, cylinder, wall skirt, decorative surface decoration, and furniture building because it has a realistic texture, uniform density, small thickness mistake, smooth surface, and resistance to pollution and ageing.

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Types of Fancy Plywood

Fancy plywood is used in applications where the appearance of the plywood is of utmost importance, and therefore the veneers used should have attractive textures and be of high-quality, Grade A. Fancy plywood is known for its flat and smooth surface.

Plain slices, quarter slices, or rotary cuts can be used to create fancy veneers, such as rotary cut fancy birch veneers. Fancy wood is often made of actual wood, although artificial fancy veneers, also called engineered wood veneers, are also offered and can look like natural wood veneers at a lesser price.

Fancy plywood should be made from high-quality raw materials; for instance, the core should be of high calibre. Furniture, cabinets, doors, and home decor frequently employ fancy plywood.

Natural Veneer Wood

Natural veneer wood panel is used in applications where the appearance is important, such as in interior and furniture design. Therefore, the veneers used should have attractive wood grain and be of premium grade. Our natural veneer wood panel is known for its flatness and smoothness and made with high-quality materials.

Engineered Veneer Wood

The wood used to create engineered veneer wood panels has been through several production procedures. It is also referred to as produced, engineered, reconstituted, recomposed, man-made, or composite wood. To make a composite wood material, genuine wood in the form of strands, particles, or fibres is combined with adhesives. This indicates that although other materials were used, actual wood was still included in the finished product.

Teak plywood

This type of fancy plywood is made with a teak veneer on one or both sides. It is popular for use in furniture and cabinetry, as it has a warm, rich appearance and is also durable.

Oak plywood

This type of fancy plywood is made with an oak veneer on one or both sides. It is popular for use in furniture and cabinetry, as it has a classic, timeless appearance and is also durable.

Maple plywood

This upscale plywood has a maple veneer on either one or both sides. Due of its light, clean appearance and durability, it is frequently used in furniture and cabinetry.

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Fancy plywood is widely used in the construction of various home furniture items such cabinets, tables, and chairs. It is also frequently used for ceiling construction, backsplashes, wall and flooring work and a wide range of interior design projects. Alternatively, it is often used to make pricey packaging materials like boxes and crates.


A lot of high-end furniture, including cabinets, desks, tables, and chairs, are built with fancy plywood. Furniture with beautiful veneer on fancy plywood can look classy and refined.

Wall paneling

Many times, fancy plywood is utilised as a wall covering material, either as a decorative element or as a technique to hide wall flaws.


In situations where a hardwood floor is neither practicable or desirable, fancy plywood can be used as flooring.

Interior design

Many different interior design projects can benefit from the usage of fancy plywood, including backsplashes, ceiling tiles, and other ornamental elements.


High-end packaging products like boxes and crates are also made using fancy plywood. Packaging can have a high-end appearance and feel thanks to the decorative veneer on expensive plywood.

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