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About Us

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About Us

Offering the market excellent and superior wood solutions is the cornerstone of our business. We take great satisfaction in our on-time deliveries and first-rate customer care in providing our customers with premium wood products. We strive to continuously update ourselves in the market to provide a wide range of high-quality wood goods at affordable pricing.

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Due to the rising demand from customers, we increased our portfolio by looking into a larger variety of species outside tropical hardwood, including spruce, pine, and larch from various regions of the world. We are currently one of Malaysia and Singapore’s major suppliers and stockists of pine sawn timber. In addition, we started stocking and trading plywood and panel goods for both domestic and foreign markets.

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Our cutting-edge shipping ports, storage facilities, and mill facilities, which rank among the top and biggest in Singapore for the importation of timber. Our dedicated customer service, as well as our affordable pricing, help us provide great value to our customers.

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